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William Kenneth Washburn, MD

Professor of Surgery
Valero Distinguished Chair, Transplant Center

Photo - Dr. Washburn Email:

Board Certifications: American Board of Surgery

MD, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Postgraduate training:
General Surgery training, Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, MA
Fellowship, Multi-Organ Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery, Harvard-New England Deaconess Hospital

Research interests: established and new pharmacologic agents, outcomes, organ allocation

Clinical interests: adult and pediatric liver and kidney transplant, complex liver and pancreatic surgery

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Biosketch: Dr. Washburn completed his Medical School Education at the University of Pittsburgh, PA and did his General Surgery Residency at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, MA. In 1995, Dr. Washburn completed a fellowship in Multi-Organ Transplantation and Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. After completion of his military service, Dr. Washburn joined the University of Texas Health Science Center in 1997.

Dr. Washburn is currently the Surgical Director of the Liver Transplant Program at UTHSCSA. In addition to his expertise in Organ Transplantation, Dr. Washburn has 20 years of experience in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. He specializes in complex pancreatic surgery and all open and laparoscopic liver resections. Along with Drs. Halff and Almeda, the team can offer left trisegmentectomies and central liver resections, surgeries that are more complicated than traditional liver operations. This offers patients many options when dealing with primary and secondary liver cancer. As transplant physicians, Dr. Washburn and the other surgeons frequently operate on high-risk patients with liver cirrhosis, and even offer surgery for portal hypertension.

2012, San Antonio Magazine, 'Best Doctors in America'®
2010, San Antonio Magazine 'Best Doctors'

Professional Societies:
Fellow, American College of Surgeons
American Society of Transplant Surgeons
American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
Bexar County Medical Society
Texas Medical Assocoation

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